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While the Shimano Deore BL-MT500-R brake lever provides control and the heat insulated BR-MT500 brake caliper limits brake pad wear, the result is a stable brake performance in any condition.

Shimano Deore BL-MT500 brake lever:
The Shimano Deore BL-MT500 brake lever combines smooth design with stable performance. For stiffness the master cylinder features a highly rigid construction. The brake lever provides predictable control with the right balance of power and rigidity thanks to the Servo Wave high power brake technology. I-Spec II compatible.

Shimano Deore BR-MT500 Caliper:
The Shimano Deore BR-MT500 caliper provides the same powerful braking and smooth construction like the BL-MT500 lever. Its pistons are heat insulated for an improved control of brake pad wear. With its stable braking force the hydraulic MT500 disc brake corresponds to various riding styles at Cross Country and Trekking as well.

Shimano I-Spec II:
I-Spec II is an integrated mounting system for brake and shifting levers. It just needs one bracket which saves space, provides a cleaner optic and saves about 10g of weight. Furthermore the adjustability in horizontal direction offers an optimized individual setup.

Shimano BR-MT500 Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake