Ride on asphalt and tracks with a versatile reinforced tyre. Reflective sidewalls for added safety. 

Rolling continuity at the center for greater efficiency. 

More grip: One tread, 2 levels of grip: Gradually increasing number of grooves, more at the shoulders for excellent grip on dry and muddy ground. Rolling continuity at the centre for improved rolling output. 

More protection: 1mm anti-puncture reinforcement providing effective protection for everyday use. 

Use: Asphalt and off road.

Weight: 630g 


Features: The new Michelin City Trekking range has been specially designed to answer all your needs. Whatever your use, kind of terrains, or protection levels required, Michelin has the right tyre for you.

Protection: 1mm anti-puncture reinforcement offering effective protection for everyday use.

Safer thanks to reflective bands making cyclists more visible to motorists.

Tyres with the E-Bike Ready label can be fitted on electric bikes.

Michelin Protek Tyre