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Pedal Car Hire Conditions

2-Seater Pedal Car Rules
4-Seater Pedal Car Rules

I understand and acknowledge that there is a possibility that an injury or accident could occur and I agree to engage in this hire period at my own risk.

I agree to take full control of the hire equipment and assume total responsibility and agree to pay for any damages or loss, caused by riding falls or collisions, transportation, storage and parking.

I agree that I am solely liable and agree to pay for all expenses for any loss, damage or injury occasioned to me, or my property, or caused by me to any other persons or property.

I agree as a condition of hire, to wear all safety equipment provided and will operate the hired equipment in accordance with any local and government rules and regulations that apply.

Centennial Park Cycles reserves the right at any time, to retake possession of the equipment hired.

Photo identification is required, and the hirer must be 18 years and over to sign this agreement.

I have read and fully understood the hire conditions above and agree to be bound by them.




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